Monobloc Cooling System

System Integration

All refrigeration components was fixed together, no components are fixed in the cabinet, easy for maintenance

Once Molding Installation Base

All components are fixed on once molding PVC installation base, with water tray for defrosting water

Once Foaming Evaporator Cover

The evaporator cover is foamed one time with high density foam, to ensure the great insulation efficiency

Defrosting Water Drained Outside

The evaporator is fixed outside of cabinet, the defrosting water will not be flowed into the cabinet

Easy for Service

The cooling system can be fixed or removed one time, for any service, very easy and convenient, save lots of labor or time

No Welding Finishing

Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Panels

All stainless steel panels are cutted by laser machine, no sharp edges, no need to make polishing

Precise Bending Technology

All stainless steel panels are bended by digital bending machines and skilled workers, no big gap between the joints

Built-in Door Handle

The built-in door handle design ensures no need welding for door handle and door body

End Cover of Door Handle

End cover is uded for door handle, no need any the welding and polishing treatment as well

Exception: Special Shape Counter Top

For some special shape counter top, welding finishing is necessary, but with the least welding and polishing

ECO Refrigeration Technology

Energy Saving Compressor

BESINOX products are using Energy Saving compressor, higher refrigeration efficient

EC Fan Motor

High speed and low noise fan motor ensures the better air cisculation outside and inside of cabinet

Thicker Insulation

The insulation thickness of cabinet and door is bigger than general insulation, to ensure the energy loss during working

R290 Refrigerant

R290 refrigerant is used, environment friendly, high efficiency, to save energy comsumption

Cyclopentane Insulation Material

High efficiency, environment friendly